If you’re thinking about starting a career as an online English tutor, there are some requirements you will need to meet. Some are more obvious, like great knowledge of the English language, or good teaching skills. But you also have to think about the equipment that you’ll need if you want your classes to be as effective as they would be in an actual classroom. In this text, we’ve put together a list of essential equipment needed for online teaching.

A Dependable Computer

Sure, you will need a good computer. But good can be a relative term. The minimal requirements depend on the software you’re using for online teaching. The good news is that most online teaching software don’t have very high requirements. Any laptop with 8GB of RAM and an i5 processor will probably work great for you. But it’s still best to get informed on the specific requirements of your platform.

In order to apply for a job at Lingo Turtle, you need a benchmark 3000+ or i3 processor or higher, 8GB RAM, and Windows 10 OS. 

A stable internet connection

Another essential for a good online teaching experience is the internet connection that won’t break suddenly, or cause constant lagging. You should check your internet provider options, and choose someone who doesn’t only offer high-speed connection, but who has a reputation of reliability. Fast internet doesn’t mean much if your connection goes down often and for no apparent reason.

Lingo Turtle platform requires a 10/2 connection, with a LAN cable connected to the computer.

Online Teaching Equipment

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To achieve a professional look for your classes, you’ll need a high-quality camera. If you’re using a laptop, it probably already has a built-in camera. But it’s best to forget about that one and purchase an external webcam. You should look for a camera that can stream in 30fps or more, and in HD resolution.

Your camera should also have good autofocus and face tracking. Some cameras come with built-in microphones, but, just like with the camera that came with your laptop, it’s best not to use it.

Headset or microphone

With language teaching, it’s crucial that your students hear you loud and clear. This is especially important if you’re teaching English as a second language because the learners have to get acquainted with the right pronunciation, and small distortions can make a big difference with this.

First, you have to choose between a headset and an external mic.

The headset might be more convenient since there’s only one audio input, so it’s easier to set up and also easier to transport.
On the other side, the audio quality will be a lot better with an external mic, plus you can choose between headphones and earphones, depending on what’s more comfortable for you.

At Lingo Turtle, you’re also required to have a noise-canceling microphone.


It may not seem as essential for online classes as it is for a real classroom, but a whiteboard is an extremely handy piece of online teaching equipment. You can draw illustrations and diagrams on it, write notes, or write down a reward system for your students. 

It’s also very helpful with spelling practices. 

You can use different colors to accentuate important pieces of information and much more.

You can choose between a virtual and a physical whiteboard. A physical whiteboard might be more convenient because you won’t have to switch between the tabs all the time.